There are few sports that so perfectly mirror the ups and downs of life. Yet, golf is so grossly underrepresented in today's youth and especially those that are underprivileged.

Our Mission

To build character and confidence in youth, that would not otherwise have the opportunity, through the introduction of golf and its values, to help enrich young people on and off the golf course.

Girls Golf Folsom
A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave.
— Jack Nicklaus
Folsom Youth Sports

How We plan to do it

  • Reach out to local youth that do not have the means to take up the sport
  • Provide standardized instruction through our teaching partners in a fun and caring environment
  • Utilize the latest technology for training and tracking growth and the success of the program
  • Providing a clear cut view of what success looks like 
  • Teach youth the value of hard work in school, home and in sports
  • Instill confidence & humility that can be transferred to all areas of life
  • Teach youth respect for their parents, authority (teachers, elders, law etc) & all others. 
  • Provide a team sport aspect that is more inclusive, rather than exclusive